Saturday, November 21, 2009

Living by our objectives, "every action have a reason"

in our life, every day, we do a lot of things. some are bad and some are good. the problem is we do not know WHY we are doing whatever we do. it is a big problem. we are living with no goals, we do things and we don't know why! we became just like machines, we live the routine and we never thought that we are human being...
simple question with expected answer from one of us.
Q: why do u go to college?
A: to graduate, work and get good salary!
that is a right answer for a machine

but do u really think this how we should answer such a question?
another person said, i study to earn knowledge and after i obtain the enough knowledge i go and find a work place where i can benefit the country and the people with all the knowledge i have.
this is an OBJECTIVE! and a REASON!

look at our kids now, they don't know why they are going to school, why they are not allowed to shout in public place, or why they are not allowed to wear ear rings, necklaces or so, but why they are allowed to wear other cloths or so. have u ever told ur kid that we should not shout in public place because we will disturb other ppl and we as human should respect each other and look after each other? or simply u expect him to know that by nature?

unfortunately, they don't do bad stuff not because they know the reason, but because they fear to get beaten, scolded or humiliated.. we have stopped their tiny little brain from thinking and we brought them a "leash" to stop them doing bad stuff.
u know who wear leash? Animals
u know why? cause they don't have brain and don't think

to be continued....


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